Saturday, 18 June 2011

It is True Love?

I wanna ask questions from you
How can I live alone with out you?
How can I trust anyone except you?
How can I smile and laugh with out you?
I always desire and wish for your love
How can I give away that gift from above?
How can I tell you that I feel blue
Tell me you love me and its true. and its true.

You are my Love

You are my love
You are my light
You are my power
You are my cover
You make me happy
You make me sad
You brighten my heart
Promise me that
We will never apart.

Choice is yours

Love enters in my life
A feeling, a passion
There is no hope
To survive with out you
I am now the prisoner
Of your heart’s cage
Its up to you
What you do
The choice is yours
Because I am yours.

True Love

How can I find a true friend
Nothing pure here no trend
Friends are difficult to find
That will always be kind
Who finds reasons to help
Wanna see you in better health
Ready to give us right direction
Are the example of real perfection.

Just You And I

Harsh days are over
There are blessings
Ready to shower
We can live together
Now in every season
In every weather
We can fly in the sky
Without any feather
Just like birds fly
What a beauty, Oh My!
Its like a magic
Just you and I.

The day with come

The day will come
When you sit
beside the fire
And your thoughts will
Take you infront of me
Then I will see
A wonder in your eyes
A sadness on your face
And hold your hands
Then you will say
“I wish you were mine”.

For One Smile

For one smile
In your style
I can take you miles
I can do anything
So tell me something
What can I do for you
To see your smile
And give me some life.
For your sweet touch
When your cheeks blush
And your first kiss
I can climb a clif
To hold your hand
I can go to mysterious land
To steal your love
And have a luck
I can fly up above.

End Of Time

I love you blindly
until the end of time.
Let me close to you
And disclose to you
My love, my affection
My passion, affiliation
Let me give you happiness
More pleasure with nastiness.


Thanks for be in my life
And being with me
Thanks for telling me
What i can be.
Thanks for reminding
me about your love
Thanks for having me
and keeping me above.

All Dreams

All my dreams
That are broken
By the stones
of the words
are now on
your path
your movement
and reminding
you about me
And my broken dreams.

I Want You Close

love to see you near
Just next to my heart
Very close to my ear
I like to place my arms
Around your waist
I want to take you far
From pains you faced
I want to spend life with you
May God keeps you safe
Protect you from harm
And keep your heart warm.

At The Time

At the time of sun’s rise
At the time, when flowers blossom
When birds kiss each other
When snow flakes drop
I miss you more.

My Feeling For You

My feelings for you
very clear and so clean
With deep emotions
No one have ever seen
No hatred, no troubles
Nor anger or rage
I didn’t see any thing
Neither any scar nor your age
I find my partner with no mistake
I know my feelings are not fake
I would show all that wrong
One day they will sing my love song.

Love Arrives

At last Love arrives
In my heart
All my senses
Come to rise
I think
Love arrives
I feel happy
And my heart respond
My mind opens
what I want
At last
Love arrives
In my heart.


I pray to God to keep you safe
Either you are out or sleep at home
I ask to God to take care of you
Either you are here or in Rome
I wish to say that you are mine
But with sadness and a cold sigh
I lock my mouth and wait for the day
When God will give me chance to say
Until then I am praying and wishing
That God make you soft and willing.

Lovely Memories

After you wipe my tears
Everything becomes clear
The breath of new life I feel
All my wounds going to heal
Your every word seems like a song
And all my assumptions seems so wrong
I have your nice and lovely memories
Sight of your face increases my energies
Our Love would never vanish in centuries

You Are The Only One

You are the only one in my mind
I have been loving you for a very long time
I know that for me you are the best
Neither from the east nor from west
I want nothing but my man
Walk along seashore holding his hand

With A Lots of Love

With pleasure and with love
My heart is singing a song for you
And hoping a good future for you
May God bless you with all you

Happy Birthday To You

These are not only words
Its the voice of my heart
The wish, the hope,
May you have many more
And thanks for all you do
And made me proud of you.
Happy Birthday.On this special day of yours
I am thinking of your happiness
Your success, your future.
You mean a lot to me, and
Your love is enough for me
May this day become happiest
Day of your life.
Happy Birthday.

A Love Stays Forever

A love is “to give”
A love is “to feel”
A love is “to hug”
A love is “to kiss”
A love is “to trust”
A love is “to pray”
A love is “to hold”
A love is out of control
A love is a “blessing”
From the God
A love is a “tear”
Comes out from heart
A love is to be honest
A love is to say
A love is to stay
In the hearts of others
love stays forever
And remains eternal.

The Only Thing

Life is like blend of colors
Lights and darks
Continuously changing
But the only thing
That is solid and steady
And of one color
Is our LOVE
Enduring, everlasting
Strong, colorful
Durable, trustful
Cheerful, wonderful
Nothing like it
Solid and powerful.

My Wish

When I see you laughing
I wish to see you like this forever
When I see you smiling
I wish to keep you like this forever
When I see you singing
I wish to sing with you forever
When I see you joking
I wish I will be your joker forever
When I see you staring at me
I wish to keep you with me forever
When I see you talking
I wish to keep listening you forever
When I see you enjoying with me
I wish to keep you happy forever
And I wish you to be mine forever.

My Secret Lover

She was so strange
Her thoughts are
Out of my range
She seems so loving
kind and change
She, my secret lover
As I discover
Was like a hover.

Don't Cry

Don’t cry in front of me
I can see all things
Except tears rolling
On your cheeks
I will kiss away
All your pains
And all your tears.
All the love I can hear
With out words with my ears
May God’s peace be with you
And in difficult times
I ll always be with you.

Love Grow

When love grows
On the infertile land of heart
The river of feelings emerges
To irrigate the flowers of love
The world looks like a garden
Full of enchanted birds
and colorful flowers
Every thing seems so pretty
As nothing to worry about
Life seems so beautiful
A smile always remain on the face
We see love and happiness every where
With the eyes of our heart and soul
Nothing like love exist in this world
Either it is wealth or money or gold.

Ilove him

love staring at him
When he is talking
I love to touch him
When he’s with me
I love to kiss him
When he lays beside me
I love he pretty face
While she is sleeping
I love her smile
When he wake up smiling
I love he expressions
When he shares her stories
I love he taking talking
When he express her love
love every thing about he
An actually cant live with out he.