Saturday, 18 June 2011

It is True Love?

I wanna ask questions from you
How can I live alone with out you?
How can I trust anyone except you?
How can I smile and laugh with out you?
I always desire and wish for your love
How can I give away that gift from above?
How can I tell you that I feel blue
Tell me you love me and its true. and its true.

You are my Love

You are my love
You are my light
You are my power
You are my cover
You make me happy
You make me sad
You brighten my heart
Promise me that
We will never apart.

Choice is yours

Love enters in my life
A feeling, a passion
There is no hope
To survive with out you
I am now the prisoner
Of your heart’s cage
Its up to you
What you do
The choice is yours
Because I am yours.

True Love

How can I find a true friend
Nothing pure here no trend
Friends are difficult to find
That will always be kind
Who finds reasons to help
Wanna see you in better health
Ready to give us right direction
Are the example of real perfection.

Just You And I

Harsh days are over
There are blessings
Ready to shower
We can live together
Now in every season
In every weather
We can fly in the sky
Without any feather
Just like birds fly
What a beauty, Oh My!
Its like a magic
Just you and I.

The day with come

The day will come
When you sit
beside the fire
And your thoughts will
Take you infront of me
Then I will see
A wonder in your eyes
A sadness on your face
And hold your hands
Then you will say
“I wish you were mine”.

For One Smile

For one smile
In your style
I can take you miles
I can do anything
So tell me something
What can I do for you
To see your smile
And give me some life.
For your sweet touch
When your cheeks blush
And your first kiss
I can climb a clif
To hold your hand
I can go to mysterious land
To steal your love
And have a luck
I can fly up above.